Bertrand Russell Quotes: This Political Disorder Found Expression

This Political Disorder Found Expression In Machiavelli Prince. In The Absence Of Any Guiding Principle, Politics Becomes A Naked Struggle For Power; The Prince Gives Shrewd Advice As To How To Play This Game Successfully. What Had Happened In The Great Age Of Greece Happened Again In Renaissance Italy: Traditional Moral Restraints Disappeared, Because They Were Seen To Be Associated With Superstition; The Liberation From Fetters Made Individuals Energetic And Creative, Producing A Rare Florescence Of Genius; But The Anarchy And Treachery Which Inevitably Resulted From The Decay Of Morals Made Italians Collectively Impotent, And They Fell, Like The Greeks, Under The Domination Of Nations Less Civilized Than Themselves But Not So Destitute Of Social Cohesion.
— Bertrand Russell —

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