Jack Kerouac Quotes: Whered You Learn To Do All These Funny

Where'd You Learn To Do All These Funny Things?' He Laughed. 'And You Know I Say Funny But There's Sumpthin So Durned Sensible About 'em. Here I Am Killin Myself Drivin This Rig Back And Forth From Ohio To L.A. And I Make More Money Than You Ever Had In Your Whole Life As A Hobo, But You're The One Who Enjoys Life And Not Only That But You Do It Without Workin Or A Whole Lot Of Money. Now Who's Smart, You Or Me?' And He Had A Nice Home In Ohio With Wife, Daughter, Christmas Tree, Two Cars, Garage, Lawn, Lawnmower, But He Couldn't Enjoy Any Of It Because He Really Wasn't Free.
— Jack Kerouac —

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