Belle Aurora Quotes: I Dont Do Well With Being Threatened And

I Don't Do Well With Being Threatened. And I Definitely Don't Take Orders. But You'll Learn All This. Eventually. I Get That I Know You Better Than You Know Yourself, But There's A Few Things You Should Know About Me. And I'll Make It Easy For You." Mimicking My Pointing To My Fingers, He Points To His Index Finger. "Number One, You'll Be Here Because You Want To Be Here, Not Because I Forced You. Ever." Pointing To His Middle Finger, "Number Two, This Closet Is Yours, And I Expect You To Use Whatever Is In There, Down To Your Drawers." Pointing Back To His Index Finger, "Number Three, You're So Fucking Hot When You Get Worked Up That I Would Really Like For You To Suck My Cock. And When I Say I Would Really Like That, I Mean Suck My Cock, Lexi. Now.
— Belle Aurora —

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