Paullina Simons Quotes: This Late Afternoon They Stood Shoulder

This Late Afternoon, They Stood Shoulder To Shoulder At The Masthead, Watching The Dockhands Tie Up The Boat. Though She Was Four Years Younger And A Girl, They Were Nearly The Same Height, Gina And Salvo. Gina Was Actually Taller. No One Could Figure Out Where She Got The Height; Her Parents And Brothers Were Not Tall. Look, The Villagers Would Say. Two "piccolo" Brothers And A "di Altezza" Sister. Oh, That's Because We Have Different Fathers, Gina Would Reply Dryly. Salvo Would Smack Her Upside The Head When He Heard Her Say This. Think What You're Saying About Our Mother, He Would Scold, Crossing Himself And Her At Her Impudence.
— Paullina Simons —

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