Dashiell Hammett Quotes: Dorothys Coming Up I Think Shes Tight

Dorothy's Coming Up. I Think She's Tight."
"That's Great." I Picked Up My Bathrobe. "I Was Afraid I Was Going To Have To Get Some Sleep."
She Was Bending Over Looking For Her Slippers. "Don't Be Such An Old Fluff. You Can Sleep All Day." She Found Her Slippers And Stood Up In Them. "Is She Really As Afraid Of Her Mother As She Says?"
"If She's Got Any Sense. Mimi's Poison."
Nora Screwed Up Her Dark Eyes At Me And Asked Slowly: "What Are You Holding Out On Me?"
"Oh, Dear," I Said, " I Was Hoping I Wouldn't Have To Tell You. Dorothy Is Really My Daughter. I Didn't Know What I Was Doing, Nora. It Was Spring In Venice And I Was So Young And There Was A Moon Over The ... "
"Be Funny. Don't You Want Something To Eat?
— Dashiell Hammett —

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