Richard Bach Quotes: Has It Ever Happened Youve Seen A

Has It Ever Happened, You've Seen A Striking Film, Beautifully Written And Acted And Photographed, That You Walk Out Of The Theater Glad To Be A Human Being And You Say To Yourself I Hope They Make A Lot Of Money From That? I Hope The Actors, I Hope The Director Earns A Million Dollars For What They've Done, What They've Given Me Tonight? And You Go Back And See The Movie Again And You're Happy To Be A Tiny Part Of The System That Is Rewarding Those People With Every Ticket ... The Actors I See On The Screen, They'll Get Twenty Cents Of This Very Dollar I'm Paying Now; They'll Be Able To Buy An Ice Cream Cone Any Flavor They Want From Their Share Of My Ticket Alone. Glorious Moments In Art In Books And Films And Dance, They're Delicious Because We See Ourselves In Glory's Mirror.
— Richard Bach —

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