Julie James Quotes: One More Second And He Wouldve Hit You

One More Second And He Would've Hit You With The Gun. And Who Knows What Else. When I Think About What Could've Happened ... " He Gripped Her Shoulders Determinedly. "I Should've Told You This Earlier, Jordan. Now That I've Got My Chance, You're Going To Hear It Whether You Like It Or Not. You Came Into My Life And Messed The Whole Thing Up And Now I'm Screwed. Because I'm In Love With You. As In Balls-out, Head-over-heels, Watching-Dancing-with-the-Stars -on-Monday-nights, Wine-and-bubble-bath Kind Of Love. Hell, I Think I'd Even Wear A Scarf Indoors For You."
Jordan Smiled, Her Eyes Misty, As She Touched His Cheek. "That's The Best Kind Of Love.
— Julie James —

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