Leigh Bardugo Quotes: Then Despite All My Better Judgement I

Then, Despite All My Better Judgement, I Asked The Question I'd Wanted To Ask For Nearly A Year. "You And Mal, Back In Kribirsk-"
"It Happened."
I Knew That And I Knew There Had Been Plenty Of Others Before Her, But It Still Stung. Zoya Glanced At Me, Her Long Black Lashes Sparkling With Rain. "But Never Since," She Said Grudgingly, "and It Hasn't Been For Lack Of Trying. If A Man Can Say No To Me, That's Something."
I Rolled My Eyes. Zoya Poked Me In The Arm With One Long Finger. "He Hasn't Been With Anyone, You Idiot. Do You Know What The Girls Back At The White Cathedral Called Him? Beznako"
A Lost Cause.
— Leigh Bardugo —

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