Meg Jay Quotes: I Feel Like Im In The Middle Of The

I Feel Like I'm In The Middle Of The Ocean. Like I Could Swim In Any Direction But I Can't See Land On Any Side So I Don't Know Which Way To Go. I Feel Like I Just Have To Keep Hooking Up And See What Sticks. I Didn't Know I'd Be Crying In The Bathroom At Work Every Day. The Twentysomething Years Are A Whole New Way Of Thinking About Time. There's This Big Chunk Of Time And A Whole Bunch Of Stuff Needs To Happen Somehow. My Sister Is Thirty-five And Single. I'm Terrified That's Going To Happen To Me. I Can't Wait To Be Liberated From My Twenties. I'd Better Not Still Be Doing This At Thirty. Last Night I Prayed For Just One Thing In My Life To Be Certain.
— Meg Jay —

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