Herman Melville Quotes: The Nantucketer He Alone Resides And

The Nantucketer, He Alone Resides And Riots On The Sea; He Alone, In Bible Language, Goes Down To It In Ships; To And Fro Ploughing It As His Own Special Plantation. There Is His Home; There Lies His Business, Which A Noah's Flood Would Not Interrupt, Though It Overwhelmed All The Millions In China. He Lives On The Sea, As Prairie Cocks In The Prairie; He Hides Among The Waves, He Climbs Them As Chamois Hunters Climb The Alps. For Years He Knows Not The Land; So That When He Comes To It At Last, It Smells Like Another World, More Strangely Than The Moon Would To An Earthman. With The Landless Gull, That At Sunset Folds Her Wings And Is Rocked To Sleep Between Billows; So At Nightfall The Nantucketer, Out Of Sight Of Land, Furls His Sails, And Lays Him To His Rest, While Under His Very Pillow Rush Herds Of Walruses And Whales.
— Herman Melville —

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