Tao Lin Quotes: Was This For Real Andrew Had Forgotten

Was This For Real? Andrew Had Forgotten How To Be Happy! He Suspected That It Involved Unwarranted Feelings Of Fondness For Other People, Too Much Self-esteem, A Sort Of Long-term Delusion That Manifested As Charisma, And A Blocking Out Of Certain Things, Like Lonely People, Depressed People, Desperate People, Homeless People, People You've Hurt, People You Like Who Don't Like You, Politics, The Nature Of Being And Existence, The Continent Of Africa, The Meat Industry, McDonald's, MTV, Hollywood, And Most Or All Of Human History, Especially Anything Having To Do With The Western Hemisphere Between 1400 And 1900, Plus Or Minus 200 Years
But He Wasn't Sure. Why Did It Involve So Many Things? Maybe It Was Just Too Hard.
— Tao Lin —

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