Elif Shafak Quotes: You Think You Cannot Live Anymore You

You Think You Cannot Live Anymore. You Think That The Light Of Your Soul Has Been Put Out And That You Will Stay In The Dark Forever. But When You Are Engulfed By Such Solid Darkness, When You Have Both Eyes Closed To The World, A Third Eye Opens In Your Heart. And Only Then Do You Come To Realize That Eyesight Conflicts With Inner Knowledge. No Eye Sees So Clear And Sharp As The Eye Of Love. After Grief Comes Another Season, Another Valley, Another You. And The Lover Who Is Nowhere To Be Found, You Start To See Everywhere.
You See Him In The Drop Of Water That Falls Into The Ocean, In The High Tide That Follows The Waxing Of The Moon, Or In The Morning Wind That Spreads Its Fresh Smell; You See Him In The Geomancy Symbols In The Sand, In The Tiny Particles Of Rock Glittering Under The Sun, In The Smile Of A Newborn Baby, Or In Your Throbbing Vein. How Can You Say Shams Is Gone When He Is Everywhere And In Everything?
— Elif Shafak —

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