Jennifer L. Armentrout Quotes: The Newcomer Stood Well Over Six Feet As

The Newcomer Stood Well Over Six Feet, As Tall As Any Warden. His Hair Was Dark, The Color Of Obsidian, And It Reflected Blue In The Dim Light. Lazy Locks Slipped Over His Forehead And Curled Just Below His Ears. Brows Arched Over Golden Eyes And His Cheekbones Were Broad And High. He Was Attractive. Very Attractive. Mind-bendingly Beautiful, Actually, But The Sardonic Twist To His Full Lips Chilled His Beauty. The Black T-shirt Stretched Across His Chest And Flat Stomach. A Huge Tattoo Of A Snake Curled Around His Forearm, The Tail Disappearing Under His Sleeve And The Diamond-shaped Head Rested On The Top Of His Hand. He Looked My Age. Total Crush Material-if It Wasn't For The Fact That He Had No Soul.
— Jennifer L. Armentrout —

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