Jamie McGuire Quotes: I Just Want You To Know Before I Make My

I Just Want You To Know, Before I Make My Promises, That I'm Super Stubborn. You Already Know I'm Hard To Live With, And You've Made It Clear On Dozens Of Occasions That I Drive You Crazy. And I'm Sure I've Driven Anyone Who's Watched These Last Few Months Crazy With My Indecision And Uncertainty. But I Want You To Know That Whatever Love Is, This Has Got To Be It. We Were Best Friends First, And We Tried Not To Fall In Love, And We Did Anyway. If You're Not With Me, It's Not Where I Want To Be. I'm In This. I'm With You. We Might Be Impulsive, And Absolutely Insane To Be Standing Here At Our Age, Six Months After We Met.
This Whole Thing Might Play Out To Be A Completely Wonderful, Beautiful Disaster, But I Want That If It's With You.
— Jamie McGuire —

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