John Fowles Quotes: Under This Swarm Of Waspish Self

Under This Swarm Of Waspish Self-inquiries He Began To Feel Sorry For Himself - A Brilliant Man Trapped, A Byron Tamed; And His Mind Wandered Back To Sarah, To Visual Images, Attempts To Recollect That Face, That Mouth, That Generous Mouth. Undoubtedly It Awoke Some Memory In Him, Too Tenuous, Perhaps Too General, To Trace To Any Source In His Past; But It Unsettled Him And Haunted Him, By Calling To Some Hidden Self He Hardly Knew Existed. He Said It To Himself: It Is The Stupidest Thing, But That Girl Attracts Me. It Seemed Clear To Him That It Was Not Sarah In Herself Who Attracted Him - How Could She, He Was Betrothed - But Some Emotion, Some Possibility She Symbolized. She Made Him Aware Of A Deprivation. His Future Had Always Seemed To Him Of Vast Potential; And Now Suddenly It Was A Fixed Voyage To A Known Place. She Had Reminded Him Of That.
— John Fowles —

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