Jerry A. Coyne Quotes: As Darwin Noted It Is Certain That With

As Darwin Noted, "It Is Certain That With Almost All Animals There Is A Struggle Between The Males For The Possession Of The Female." When Males Of A Species Battle It Out Directly, Be It Through The Clashing Antlers Of Deer, The Stabbing Horns Of The Stag Beetle, The Head Butting Of Stalk-eyed Flies, Or The Bloody Battles Of Massive Elephant Seals, They Win Access To Females By Driving Off Competitors. Selection Will Favor Any Trait That Promotes Such Victories So Long As The Increased Chance Of Getting Mates More Than Offsets Any Reduced Survival. This Kind Of Selection Produces Armaments: Stronger Weapons, Larger Body Size, Or Anything That Helps A Male Win Physical Contests.
— Jerry A. Coyne —

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