Elizabeth Camden Quotes: He Drew His Chair Closer And Reached For

He Drew His Chair Closer And Reached For Her Hand. "Kate, Look At Me," He Said. Her Chin Was Still Pointing Down, But Her Eyes Came Up To Meet His. Her Expression Nearly Drove The Breath From Him. How Could She Wear Her Feelings So Openly And Still Function? "So Now You Know. I've Never Let Myself Get Close To A Woman Because I'm Not A Good Long-term Bet. But I Care For You. I've Always Cared For You." Without Asking Permission, He Reached Up Behind Her Neck To Stroke The Heavy Coil Of Her Hair. He Leaned Forward, Giving Her Plenty Of Time To Pull Away If She Chose. She Didn't. He Kissed Her Softly On The Mouth. Nothing Had Ever Felt More Right Or Natural Than Kissing Kate, And She Didn't Pull Away From Him. She Leaned Toward Him And Kissed Him Back.
— Elizabeth Camden —

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