Elizabeth Wurtzel Quotes: But Happiness Is A Difficult Thing It Is

But Happiness Is A Difficult Thing-it Is, As Aristotle Posited In The Nicomachean Ethics, An Activity, Is Is About Good Social Behavior, About Being A Solid Citizen. Happiness Is About Community, Intimacy, Relationships, Rootedness, Closeness, Family, Stability, A Sense Of Place, A Feeling Of Love. And In This Country, Where People Move From State To State And City To City So Much, Where Rootlessness Is Almost A Virtue ("anywhere I Hang My Hat ... Is Someone Else's Home"), Where Family Units Regularly Implode And Leave Behind Fragments Of Divorce, Where The Long Loneliness Of Life Finds Its Antidote Not In A Hardy, Ancient Culture (as It Would In Europe), Not In Some Blood-deep Tribal Rites (as It Would In The Few Still-hale Third World Nations), But In Our Vast Repository Of Pop Culture, Of Consumer Goods, Of Cotton Candy For All-in This America, Happiness Is Hard.
— Elizabeth Wurtzel —

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