Eiji Yoshikawa Quotes: The Large Strings Hummed Like Rain The

The Large Strings Hummed Like Rain, The Small Strings Whispered Like A Secret, Hummed, Whispered-and Then Were Intermingled Like A Pouring Of Large And Small Pearls Into A Plate Of Jade. We Heard An Oriole, Liquid, Hidden Among Flowers. We Heard A Brook Bitterly Sob Along A Bank Of Sand ... By The Checking Of Its Cold Touch, The Very String Seemed Broken As Though It Could Not Pass; And The Notes, Dying Away Into A Depth Of Sorrow And Concealment Of Lament, Told Even More In Silence Than They Had Told In Sound ... A Silver Vase Abruptly Broke With A Gush Of Water, And Out Leapt Armored Horses And Weapons That Clashed And Smote- And Before She Laid Her Pick Down, She Ended With One Stroke, And All Four Strings Made One Sound, As Of Rending Silk.
— Eiji Yoshikawa —

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