Gyula Krúdy Quotes: For The Farsighted The Folks In The Know

For The Farsighted, The Folks In The Know, Life Is A Deer Park, Where Gentle Breezes And Fragrant Grape Leaves Keep You Company, Complete With Afternoon Foot-soakings, Peaceful Snoozes, Fine Hounds And Desirable Wenches, The Hell With All Care; A Long Life, A Nice Pipe From Time To Time, Mellow Dinners: That's The Way To Spend Life, Life That Digs Your Grave Even Now, Steadfastly, Like The Ever-burrowing Mole. To Want Nothing, And Ask Only For Peace And Quiet. Hope For Nothing Besides Fair Weather On The Morrow. Trust No One, Believe No One, Think No Extraordinary Thoughts, Just Live, Live, And Love; Fall Asleep, And Wake Up Healthy ... Wear Comfy Slippers And Pass The Night In A Feather Bed. Live Out A Happy And Long Old Age, The Best Part Of Life. To Get An Honest Night's Sleep, And Then A Snooze After Lunch, Let Out A Few Whoops, Fight And Make Up.
— Gyula Krúdy —

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