Amy Plum Quotes: At Lunch I Turned My Phone On To Check

At Lunch I Turned My Phone On To Check My Messages. Georgia Always Sent Me A Few Inane Texts During The Day, And Sure Enough There Were Two Messages From Her: One Complaining About Her Physics Teacher And A Second, Also Obviously Sent From Her Phone: I Love You, Baby. V.
I Wrote Her Back: I Thought I Told You To Buzz Off Last Night, You Creep-o French Stalker Guy.
Her Response Came Back Immediately: As If! Your Beet-red Cheeks This Morning Suggest Otherwise ... Liar! You're So Into Him.
I Groaned And Was About To Turn My Phone Off When I Saw That There Was A Third Text From UNKNOWN. Clicking On It, I Read: Can I Pick You Up From School? Same Place, Same Time?
I Texted Back: How'd You Get My Number?
Called Myself From Your Phone While You Were In The Restaurant's Bathroom Last Night. Warned You We Were Stalkers!
— Amy Plum —

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