David Archuleta Quotes: The Future Can Be A Scary Thing Because

The Future Can Be A Scary Thing. Because It's Something That's Always Left Open For Anything To Happen. It's A Total Mystery. But At The Same Time, It's So Exciting. Each Decision We Make Can Alter How Our Future Will Turn Out, So How We End Up In The Future Is Really Our Decision. We Never Know What Will Be Thrown At Us, But It's Up To Each Of Us As To How We Deal With Whatever Does Come. No One Else Can Decide That For Us. While I Might Be Wondering About What Will Happen Down The Road For Me, And Gt Nervous About It Now And Then, I Am Also Really Hopeful For It Because I Know There Will Be So Many Windows Of Opportunity That Can Really Change My Life If I Choose To Take Hold Of Them And Not Be Afraid To Go For It.
— David Archuleta —

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