John Burdett Quotes: Policing You Think Youve Got It Tough

Policing. You Think You've Got It Tough. You Don't Have Any Idea How It Was When I Joined The Force. The Whole Cake Was Divided Down To The Last Crumb. The Big Boss Got Seventy Percent, And The Portions Got Smaller As You Descended The Totem Pole. And No Complaining. You Learned To Keep Your Mouth Shut At All Times - You Wouldn't Have Survived The First Week.
You See, What Nobody Tells You About Capitalism Is That Its Warlordism In Disguise. That Leaves The Only Job In The Jungle Worth Having An Apex Feeder - The Rest Is Slavery At Various Levels Of Discomfort. Socially, Psychologically, We're Still In The Rain Forest. - Colonel Vikorn
— John Burdett —

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