Louise Erdrich Quotes: We Have A Lot Of Books In Our House They

We Have A Lot Of Books In Our House. They Are Our Primary Decorative Motif-books In Piles And On The Coffee Table, Framed Book Covers, Books Sorted Into Stacks On Every Available Surface, And Of Course Books On Shelves Along Most Walls. Besides The Visible Books, There Are Books Waiting In The Wings, The Basement Books, The Garage Books, The Storage Locker Books ... They Function As Furniture, They Prop Up Sagging Fixtures And Disguised By Quilts Function As Tables ... I Can't Imagine A Home Without An Overflow Of Books. The Point Of Books Is To Have Way Too Many But To Always Feel You Never Have Enough, Or The Right One At The Right Moment, But Then Sometimes To Find You'd Longed To Fall Asleep Reading The Aspern Papers, And There It Is.
— Louise Erdrich —

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