C.J. Anderson Quotes: Just Say It She Thought Say What

Just Say It, She Thought. Say What Everyone In This Bunker Is Thinking. Say What We All Know To Be True. The Truth That We Are All Going To Die Down Here, And Death Is The End. Nobody Wakes Up To A Heaven Or Paradise. Your Life Will Be Gone. You Will Be Gone. Forever. Uncover The Truth. Tear Off The Bandages Of Delusion. Open Your Hearts And Minds To The Real World. We Were Doomed The Day We Were Born. We Lived And We Will Die And The Only Immortals Are The People Who Did Something Worth Remembering While They Lived. My Genetics Are Prime. I Am Pleasing To The Eyes Of Man And Machine. A Dripping Fountain Of Pleasure. Their Organic Sanctuary. And In Time? Aging. Fading. Graying. What Am I? Who Am I? What Makes Me Human? Emotions? My Conscience? The Soul Is An Old Testament Myth. No One Shall Ascend Anywhere Except Into Annihilation. The Dust Of Earth And Stars Are The Only Eternals, She Said.
— C.J. Anderson —

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