Herman Wouk Quotes: The West Indian Is Not Exactly Hostile

The West Indian Is Not Exactly Hostile To Change, But He Is Not Much Inclined To Believe In It. This Comes From A Piece Of Wisdom That His Climate Of Eternal Summer Teaches Him. It Is That, Under All The Parade Of Human Effort And Noise, Today Is Like Yesterday, And Tomorrow Will Be Like Today; That Existence Is A Wheel Of Recurring Patterns From Which No One Escapes; That All Anybody Does In This Life Is Live For A While And Then Die For Good, Without Finding Out Much; And That Therefore The Idea Is To Take Things Easy And Enjoy The Passing Time Under The Sun. The White People Charging Hopefully Around The Islands These Days In The Noon Glare, Making Deals, Bulldozing Airstrips, Hammering Up Hotels, Laying Out Marinas, Opening New Banks, Night Clubs, And Gift Shops, Are To Him Merely A Passing Plague. They Have Come Before And Gone Before.
— Herman Wouk —

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