Hazrat Inayat Khan Quotes: Love Is The Divine Mothers Arms When

Love Is The Divine Mother's Arms; When Those Arms Are Spread, Every Soul Falls Into Them.
The Sufis Of All Ages Have Been Known For Their Beautiful Personality. It Does Not Mean That Among Them There Have Not Been People With Great Powers, Wonderful Powers And Wisdom. But Beyond All That, What Is Most Known Of The Sufis Is The Human Side Of Their Nature: That Tact Which Attuned Them To Wise And Foolish, To Poor And Rich, To Strong And Weak
To All. They Met Everyone On His Own Plane, They Spoke To Everyone In His Own Language. What Did Jesus Teach When He Said To The Fishermen, 'Come Hither, I Will Make You Fishers Of Men?' It Did Not Mean, 'I Will Teach You Ways By Which You Get The Best Of Man.' It Only Meant: Your Tact, Your Sympathy Will Spread Its Arms Before Every Soul Who Comes, As Mother's Arms Are Spread Out For Her Little Ones.
— Hazrat Inayat Khan —

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