Curtis Sittenfeld Quotes: I Did Not Care If Ella Went To Princeton

I Did Not Care If Ella Went To Princeton, If She Was Exceptionally Pretty, If She Grew Up To Marry A Rich Man, Or Really If She Married At All - There Were Many Incarnations Of Her I Felt Confident I Could Embrace, A Hippie Or A Housewife Or A Career Woman. But What I Did Care About, What I Wanted Most Fervently, Was For Her To Understand That Hard Work Paid Off, That Decency Begat Decency, That Humility Was Not A Raincoat You Occasionally Pulled On When You Thought Conditions Called For It, But Rather A Constant Way Of Existing In The World, Knowing That Good Luck And Bad Luck Touched Everyone And None Of Us Was Fully Responsible For Our Fortunes Or Tragedies. Above All, I Wanted My Daughter To Understand That Many People Were Guided By Bitterness And That It Was Best To Avoid These Individuals - Their Moods And Behavior Were A Hornet's Nest You Had No Possible Reason To Do Anything Other Than Bypass And Ignore.
— Curtis Sittenfeld —

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