James W. Loewen Quotes: When History Textbooks Leave Out The

When History Textbooks Leave Out The Arawaks, They Offend Native Americans. When They Omit The Possibility Of African And Phoenician Precursors To Columbus, They Offend African Americans. When They Glamorize Explorers Such As De Soto Just Because They Were White, Our Histories Offend All People Of Color. When They Leave Out Las Casas, They Omit An Interesting Idealist With Whom We All Might Identify. When They Glorify Columbus, Our Textbooks Prod Us Toward Identifying With The Oppressor. When Textbook Authors Omit The Causes And Process Of European World Domination, They Offer Us A History Whose Purpose Must Be To Keep Us Unaware Of The Important Questions. Perhaps Worst Of All, When Textbooks Paint Simplistic Portraits Of A Pious, Heroic Columbus, They Provide Feel-good History That Bores Everyone.
— James W. Loewen —

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