Kieran Scott Quotes: Theres Something I Have To Say I Said

There's Something I Have To Say," I Said Seriously, Looking Her In The Eye.
She Smiled. "Oookay." She Was Mocking Me-mocking My Tone-but I Didn't Care.
"Okay. Here It Is. I Love You," I Said. "And I Never, Ever Wanted To Hurt You. It's Like, The Number One Thing I Never Want To Do, But Somehow, I Keep Doing It. And I'm Sorry, I Just ... That's All I Wanted To Say All This Time. All I Was Trying To Do ... With That Thing With Your Dad, Not Telling You ... Was Not To Hurt You. And I'm Sorry That I Did.
Alley Stared At Me.
"And I'm Sorry That I Did It Again. With The Chloe Thing. Which Was Stupid. Like, Really, Really, Stupid. And I-"
"Can You Just Stop, For A Second?" Ally Said, Holding Up A Hand.
"What?" I Said.
"Can You Say The First Part Again?" She Asked, Rolling Her Fingers Around For A Rewind.
I Racked My Brain.
"Um ... I Love You?" I Said.
"That's The Part, Cuz I Love You, Too.
— Kieran Scott —

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