Andrew Sean Greer Quotes: People Always Say The Greatest Love

People Always Say The Greatest Love Story In The World Is Romeo And Juliet. I Don't Know. At Fourteen, At Seventeen, I Remember, It Takes Over Your Whole Life." Alice Was Worked Up Now, Her Face Flushed And Alive, Her Hands Cutting Through The Night-blooming Air. "You Think About Nobody, Nothing Else, You Don't Eat Or Sleep, You Just Think About This ... It's Overwhelming. I Know, I Remember. But Is It Love? Like How You Have Cheap Brandy When You're Young And You Think It's Marvelous, Just So Elegant, And You Don't Know, You Don't Know Anything ... Because, You've Never Tasted Anything Better. You're Fourteen."
It Was No Time For Lying. "I Think It's Love"
You Do?"
I Think Maybe It's The Only True Love."
She Was About To Say Something, And Stopped Herself. I'd Surprised Her, I Suppose. "How Sad If You're Right," She Said, Closing Her Eyes For A Moment. "Because We Never End Up With Them. How Sad And Stupid If That's How It Works.
— Andrew Sean Greer —

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