Nikki Ferguson Quotes: Every Town Has A Psychopath Or Two Not

Every Town Has A Psychopath Or Two. Not Just The Everyday Crazy Person, Either. Not Like Crazy Larry, The Paint Huffing Weirdo Peddling Around Town On A Child-sized Huffy Ranting About The End Of The World, Or The Old Lady Dressed In Rags Who Hands Out Filthy Doll Clothes To The Kiddies. I'm Talking About The Cold, Never Remorseful Lunatic, Who May Never Have Seemed Insane Up Until The Day He Hacked Apart His Mother And Shoved Her Stinking Corpse Into The Attic. This Town Is Overflowing With Them; Bloodcurdling Murderers Like Kenny Wayne Hilbert, Charlie Fender ... Orland Winthro. And Al, The Crazy Had To Come From Somewhere.
— Nikki Ferguson —

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