Rosemary Clement-Moore Quotes: Is Lisa Going To The Prom I Shelved My

Is Lisa Going To The Prom?'
I Shelved My Worries For The Moment. 'I Don't Know, Mom. We Don't Talk About The You-Know-What. We Made A Pact.'
You Could Go Together, If You Didn't Want To Mess With Dates And Things.'
I Don't Want To Mess With The Prom At All, Mom.'
She Ignored Me, Placidly Eating Popcorn, Piece By Piece.'Some Girls In My High School Class Did That And Had A Wonderful Time. They Weren't Lesbians Or Anything. Not That It Would Matter If They Were.'
That's Nice, Mom. I'm Glad You're So Open-minded.' I Grabbed My Coke And The Popcorn Bowl And Headed For The Stairs, Because I Could Go My Whole Life Without Ever Hearing My Mother Talk About Lesbians Again.
Maybe You Could Take Justin To The Prom,' She Called After Me, Laughter In Her Voice. 'He Is Such A Hottie.'
Shoot Me Now.
— Rosemary Clement-Moore —

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