Eric Liu Quotes: We Are Particularly Frustrated That So

We Are Particularly Frustrated That So Much Of Our Politics Today Consists Of Lines First Written During The Clashes, Domestic And Foreign, Of The 1960s. This "Groundhog Day" Approach To Replaying The Culture War's Tropes Is Perhaps Nowhere In Greater Evidence Than In How Americans Talk About Patriotism. Patriotism, As An Idea, Has Been Co-opted Over The Course Of A Generation By Right-wingers Who Use The Flag Not As A Symbol Of Transcendent National Unity, But As A Sectarian Cudgel Against The Hippies, Francophiles, Free-lovers And Tree-huggers Who Constitute Their Caricature Of The American Left. The American Left, For Its Part, Has Been So Beaten Down By This Star-spangled Caricature That It Has Largely Ceded The Very Notion Of Patriotism To The Right. As A Result, The First Reaction Of Far Too Many Progressives To Any Talk Of Patriotism Is Automatic, Allergic Recoil. Needless To Say, This Reaction Simply Tightens The Screws Of The Right's Imprisoning Caricature.
— Eric Liu —

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