Amy Poehler Quotes: Hopefully As You Get Older You Start To

Hopefully As You Get Older, You Start To Learn How To Live With Your Demon. It's Hard At First. Some People Give Their Demon So Much Room That There Is No Space In Their Head Or Bed For Love. They Feed Their Demon And It Gets Really Strong And Then It Makes Them Stay In Abusive Relationships Or Starve Their Beautiful Bodies. But Sometimes, You Get A Little Older And Get A Little Bored Of The Demon. Through Good Therapy And Friends And Self-love You Can Practice Treating The Demon Like A Hacky, Annoying Cousin. Maybe A Day Even Comes When You Are Getting Dressed For A Fancy Event And It Whispers, "You Aren't Pretty," And You Go, "I Know, I Know, Now Let Me Find My Earrings." Sometimes You Say, "Demon, I Promise You I Will Let You Remind Me Of My Ugliness, But Right Now I Am Having Hot Sex So I Will Check In Later.
— Amy Poehler —

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