Stella Payton Quotes: Value All Relationships For The Lessons

Value All Relationships For The Lessons They Teach. Make Sure You Learn The Lessons Well. If Not You Will Repeat Those Mistakes Over And Over.
Focus On The Kind Of Relationship You Do Want! Surround Yourself With People Who Manifest Those Characteristics. Avoid And Eliminate Negativity At All Cost.
Become A Producer Of That Which Is Positive.
Look For The Good In Every Situation And Praise It. Talk About It & Be About It. Be About Only Good Things.Create And Manifest Around You Joy And Peace And Happiness. Let The Presence Of God Be Your Model. Gods' Kingdom Consists Of 3 Things, Righteousness, Peace And Joy In Gods Words. When You Become A Positive Producer, You Will Begin To Attract What You Produced
— Stella Payton —

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