Amy Mowafi Quotes: I Have Always Lusted After A Sepia Toned

I Have Always Lusted After A Sepia-toned Library With Floor-to-ceiling Bookshelves And A Sliding Ladder. I Fantasie About Tennessee Williams' Types Of Evenings Involving Rum On The Porch. I Long For Balmy Slightly Sleepless Nights With Nothing But The Whoosh Of A Wooden Ceiling Fan To Keep Me Company, And The Joy Of Finding The Cool Spot On The Bed. I Would While Away My Days Jotting Down My Thoughts In A Battered Leather-bound Notebook, Which Would Have Been Given To Me By Some Former Lover. My Scribbling Would Form The Basis Of A Best-selling Novel, Which They Wold Discuss In Tiny Independent Bookshops On Quaint Little Streets In Forgotten Corners Of Terribly Romantic European Cities. In Other Words, I Fantasize About Being Credible, In That Artistic, Slightly Bohemian Way That Only Girls With Very Long Legs Can Get Away With.
— Amy Mowafi —

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