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You're There Quotes

When Im lost in the rain, In your eyes I know Ill find the light to light my way And when Im scared, losing ground When my world is going crazy You can turn it all around and when Im down youre there Pushing me to the top Youre always there, giving me all youve got
— Christina Aguilera —

I don't know why you care.
He doesn't even know you're there


Everone has a pain thermometer that goes from zero to ten. No one will make a change until they reach ten. Nine won't do it. At nine you are still afraid. Only ten will move you, and when you're there, you'll know. No one can make that decision for you.

— Vicki Myron

There is an old German fable about porcupines who need to huddle together for warmth, but are in danger of hurting each other with their spines. When they find the optimum distance to share each other's warmth without putting each other's eyes out, their state of contrived cooperation is called good manners. Well, those old German fabulists certainly knew a thing or two. When you acknowledge other people politely, the signal goes out, "I'm here. You're there. I'm staying here. You're staying there. Aren't we both glad we sorted that out?" When people don't acknowledge each other politely, the lesson from the porcupine fable is unmistakeable. "Freeze or get stabbed, mate. It's your choice.

— Lynne Truss

You're the type of woman that men don't know they want until they've already fallen. You're there, and then you're just ... everywhere.

— Lisa De Jong

We're in this together, until the ocean waves crash on our feet."
"You really paint this Guatala as a paradise."
"If you're there with me, it will be.

— Karina Halle

It is a sound like loneliness-enough to let you know you're there, but not enough to fill you with life.

— David Levithan

Love is something you can never get inside of. You might think you're there. Sure. But then you hit the border and realize you've been outside the whole time.

— David Levithan

But when folks are down to the one thing that keeps them alive, that one thing can be meanness. It makes you feel like you're there, you're doing something.

— Marilynne Robinson

It's so easy to relax, to cut corners, to let down after you've reached your goal, and begin thinking you can just "turn it on" automatically, without proper preparation. It takes real character to keep working as hard or even harder once you're there.

— John Wooden

The future that we want - this is it. This is the future of all the previous thoughts you've ever had about the future. You're in it. You're already in it. What is the purpose of all this living if it's only to get some place else and then when you're there you're not happy anyway, you want to be some place else. It's always for 'when I retire,' 'when I graduate college,' 'when I make enough money,' 'when I get married,' 'when I get divorced,' 'when the kids move out.' It's like, wait a minute, this is it. This is your life. We only have moments. This moment's as good as any other. It's perfect.

— Jon Kabat-Zinn

I don't take anything for granted. I've been given extraordinary opportunities, I've also fought for extraordinary opportunities. So I don't believe you're ever just there in this golden moment. You probably always have to remind people that you're there, that you have something to offer, maybe something beyond what they could imagine for you.

— Anne Hathaway

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