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Your Stupidity Quotes

Fine, than I will not have to blame you for killing my friends with your stupidity. -Haymitch
— Suzanne Collins —

These thrill seeker people doing extreme sports ... they have a hideous accident, go through agonizing recovery, and then go back to that activity that nearly killed them ... that's not facing your fear, that's embracing your stupidity.

— Kelli Jae Baeli

A beggar's mistake harms no one but the beggar. A king's mistake, however, harms everyone but the king. Too often, the measure of power lies not in the number who obey your will, but in the number who suffer your stupidity.

— R. Scott Bakker

If you deliver an opinion at all, it is mere stupidity not to do it with an air of conviction and well-founded knowledge. You make it your own in uttering it, and naturally get fond of it.

— George Eliot

You've got another problem. Like most white trash, you're disrespectful to your betters and proud of your stupidity and ignorance.

— James Lee Burke

Though you can live for as much as you like, but your longevity is stupidity if you were leading a worthless life.

— Michael Bassey Johnson

You looked a little bit smarter when your stupidity lessened a lot.

— Toba Beta

Your stupidity is appalling!"
"Most stupidity is!

— Charles M. Schulz

It is crucial that Jesus is led by the Spirit. There are two wildernesses, two darknesses in the spiritual journey. One you go into by your own stupidity, by your sin, blindness, ignorance and mistakes. We all do that. But there's another darkness. The holy darkness is the darkness that God leads us into, through and beyond. This is a necessary darkness for the journey. In a certain sense, God's darkness is a much better teacher than light. There comes a time when you have to either go deeper into faith or you will turn back, when you have to live without knowing or you lose faith altogether. So we have the Spirit leading Jesus into the wilderness, to face the essential darkness.

— Richard Rohr

I think you impressed him with the sheer force of your stupidity.

— Holly Black

Holding your brain hostage against your own stupidity - that was how to get stuff done.

— Brandon Sanderson

There is talk in the village that there is more in these sewers than sewerage. Yes, I say, Yes. But not only these sewers. There is more in your heart than can be spoken. More in your eyes than you will tell. More in the mind of you than anyone can know. More in the night than darkness. More in the river than can be dredged. What more ? The hate, envy, malice, greed, stupidity and evil that lie under the floor of everything.
If I have secrets so do you.

— Jeanette Winterson

The stupidity of gossips is that they become frightened when they see your face, and a little word from your mouth makes them vibrate like an electrocuted criminal.

— Michael Bassey

Never fight with Russian. On your every stratagem they answer unpredictable stupidity.

— Otto Von Bismarck

I recalled when I worked in the woods and the bars of Madras, Oregon. That short-haired joy and roughness America your stupidity. I could almost love you again.

— Gary Snyder

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