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Your Girlfriend Was Here Quotes

So how long have you been together? Two months? Five. Five? Jesus, Steve, you might as well get married. I should buy a hat. Dont. They give away your Spock ears. She laughed. This is the Romanian girl? Croatian. Right. Shes a painter? Photographer. Right. She studied him. What? he laughed self-consciously as though he was a twelve-year-old boy whod just been caught with his first girlfriend. Nothing. Come on. I dont know Steve, she cut into her meat, youve changed. You no longer write about Victoria Beckham and you have a girlfriend. I think ... You think what? I dont know, I might be jumping the gun here, but I think theres a possibility you might not be gay after all. A chip was hurled at her head.
— Cecelia Ahern —

Adam's gaze quickly shifted from the full tattoo on my face, to the V-neck of my T-shirt and the glimpse of tattooing across my collarbone, down to my palm, which was also covered in the same filigree tattoo. "I didn't know vampyres were getting additional tattooing done. Is your artist here in Tulsa?"
I grinned. "Yeah, sometimes. But mostly she's in the Otherworld." I could see he was trying to process what I'd said, so I took the opportunity to blurt, "Hey, you said you don't have a girlfriend, but how about a boyfriend?"
"Um, no, I don't have a boyfriend, either. At least not currently." Adam glanced at Damien, who met his gaze.
/Success!/ was what I was thinking.

— P.C. Cast

Trip? Could you do me a favor and try not to look so damn pleased with yourself?"
That made him chuckle. "I can't help it. I'm about to bang my old girlfriend in my old room. You know how many times I jerked off right there just thinking about it? And now you're here. And I totally get to nail your ass."
"Yeah, um, you go anywhere near my ass and you'll be whacking off alone again.

— T. Torrest

Though Chris was well trusted by both of them, he rarely involved himself in business. "Matt will be here soon. Send him in when he arrives, and I'll go-" he bobbed his eyebrows. "-prepare your girlfriend."
"She is not my-" Damn it, Chris was already walking away, rendering his protests useless.

— Lori Foster

The neighborhood drug dealer kicks out his wife. He moves in a girlfriend and the wife finds out. The wife lets herself back into the house and steals a hundred thousand dollars that the drug dealer can't report missing. The drug dealer's wife goes to India, where she sends her husband a cable: The people here are poor so I gave them all your money.

— Amy Hempel

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