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Young And Impressionable Quotes

I dont feel that way anymore," Nico muttered. "I mean ... I gave up on Percy. I was young and impressionable, and I-I dont ...
— Rick Riordan —

The leaders were less willing to fight. It is always the young and impressionable who strap on the explosives and blow themselves up.

— Mark Owen

A statement: children who watch violent TV programmes tend to be more violent when they grow up. But did the TV cause the violence, or do violent children preferentially enjoy watching violent programmes? Very likely both are true. Commercial defenders of TV violence argue that anyone can distinguish between television and reality. But Saturday morning children's programmes now average 25 acts of violence per hour. At the very least this desensitizes young children to aggression and random cruelty. And if impressionable adults can have false memories implanted in their brains, what are we implanting in our children when we expose them to some 100,000 acts of violence before they graduate from elementary school?

— Carl Sagan

You can't help hearing things that are popular when you're young and impressionable.

— Matt Tong

I'm a Pele fan from way back when I was a kid, and then there was always this thing later about Pele and Maradona. I was young and impressionable as a kid but it was always Pele for me.

— Alex Ferguson

I don't want ISIS using our Internet to take our young, impressionable youth and watching the media talking about how they're masterminds - these are masterminds. They shouldn't be using the word "mastermind."

— Donald Trump

I think I will always feel a special relationship with The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, because for me it was something very, very special. It was a modern opera, and to play the heroine in a film that became such a success at a young age, and learning from him when I was so young and impressionable - really it was one of my most important experiences.

— Catherine Deneuve

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