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You Won Quotes

But that was the beauty of this particular game. The moment you lost, you won.
— Paul Auster —

If you made your girl say sorry, you did not win a fight you won a girl who really loves you.

— Scratchy Singh

But that was the beauty of this particular game. The moment you lost, you won.

— Paul Auster

He was more p***ed off by us playing a game of who could think up the worst nickname for him."
"Let me guess, you won?"
"It was Boy Scout, actually. I mean, come on. Even I couldn't top Chubby Chubby Choo Choo.

— Alexandra Bracken

And it's not my place to chase around after you, fixing stuff. What I know's what I know, and it don't include putting the world back the way it out to be. It's too late for that. Way too late for heroes, champions, miracles. Don't matter what our heritage was maybe meant for - your side got hold of it first, and you won long ago. No undoing that, Esau, I ain't fool enough to think otherwise. I'm still sorry for you, but I know your side's won, this side of the grave.

— Peter S. Beagle

That's a much better kiss than the one you gave her when you won the shooting match!"
"And a much better proposal of marriage than the one you gave her yesterday morning!" Minerva chimed in.
"Leave him be!" Celia chided as Jackson went red about the ears. "He saved my life twice, figured out who killed Mama and Papa, and taught Gran some humility. We can't all be good at everything, you know."
Amid the laughter, he kissed her again, but her family didn't let that go on for long. It was cold outside, after all. Gran herded them inside to the great hall, where the servants had brought out refreshments. There, everyone had to take turns congratulating them and clamoring for all the usual details of how it had started and when it had become true love.

— Sabrina Jeffries

Making pictures, for an actress, is like betting, for a gambler. Each time you make a picture you try to analyze why you won or lost.

— Hedy Lamarr

A simple test to ascertain how much you enjoy and derive meaning from your work is to ask yourself whether you would continue
doing it if you won the lottery.

— Dennis Prager

I wish I could have fought him for you," he said abruptly, looking back at me. His blue eyes were dark and earnest.
I smiled at him, touched.
"It wasn't your fight, it was mine. But you won it anyway." I reached out a hand, and he squeezed it.
"Aye, but that's not what I meant. If I'd fought him man to man and won, ye'd not need to feel any regret over it." He hesitated. "If ever-"
"There aren't any more ifs," I said firmly. "I thought of every one of them yesterday, and here I still am."
"Thank God," he said, smiling, "and God help you." Then he added, "Though I'll never understand why."
I put my arms around his waist and held on as the horse slithered down the last steep slope.
"Because," I said, "I bloody well can't do without you, Jamie Fraser, and that's all about it.

— Diana Gabaldon

Do not allow to slip away from you freedoms the people who came before you won with such hard knocks.

— D.H. Lawrence

George, you won,' said Guillam, as they walked slowly towards the car.
'Did I?' said Smiley. 'Yes. Yes, well I suppose I did.

— John Le Carré

I pull my foot back again, but Four's hands clamp around my arms, and he pulls me away from her with irresistible force. I breathe through gritted teeth, staring at Molly's blood-covered face, the color deep and rich and beautiful, in a way. She groans, and I hear a gurgling in her throat, watch blood trickle from her lips. "You won," Four mutters. "Stop." I wipe the sweat from my forehead. He stares at me. His eyes too wide; they look alarmed. "I think you should leave," he says. "Take a walk." I'm fine," I say. "I'm fine now," I say again, this time for myself.
I wish I could say I felt guilty for what I did.
I don't.

— Veronica Roth

Always be pessimistic in your hopes with a monster. Always believe you will fail. Because if you feel a tinge of optimism, they will see it and stab you the same moment you thought you won." "I

— Cameron Jace

There's a time when people give their words to each other it has to mean something. I'm a street cat. I've belonged in gangs and when you had a partner, you went down with your partner whether you won the fight or lost it. You went down together.

— Barry White

It's not whether you won or lost, but how many bad-beat stories you were able to tell.

— Grantland Rice

When you win an election, you are always inclined to believe you won for the reasons you wanted to win.

— William Galston

You might be a redneck if you refer to the time you won a free case of oil as the day my ship came in.

— Jeff Foxworthy

You are moving in and out of different advanced states of mind through your practice of meditation and mindfulness. It's that level of excellence that gives you joy in life, not the fact that you won or lost.

— Frederick Lenz

Roddy how many times have you won a World Championship?

— Randy Orton

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