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You Want It Quotes

You try hard, but you dont succeed.. So you try harder, and harder ... But you still just dont succeed, you give it a try once more; only realising its never going to work out the way you want it to. But then again, you remember; youve tried so much. Youve tried to please, youve tried to love and youve tried to care. You think to yourself, "Why should I keep on going?" You try so hard, whats the point.. No one accepts you for who you are, no one sees you for who you are, no one takes the time to ask how you feel, no one takes the time to bother.. But then theres you ... You try, and try. And you just give up hope, because its just so much easier!
— Liam McGrath —

My throat tightened, but I held back the tears and reminded myself that withdrawing from a woman is no different than kicking a drug; you feel shaky and you want it, but eventually the need passes, and you feel restored.

— Keith Ablow

Some make you sing and some make you scream. One makes you wish that you'd never been seen. But there's a shop on the corner that's selling papier
mache, making bullet-proof faces, Charlie Manson, Cassius Clay.
If you want it, boys, get it here, thing.

— David Bowie

New York has always had a love for Southern artists. There's no place else that makes me feel like the city does. I just love the immediate nature of the city, you can get whatever you want whenever you want it and do whatever you want whenever you want to.

— Justin Townes Earle

If you're working on a movie, you want it to be projected on the largest tapestry possible, and the sound to be perfect, and for that kind of communal experience of the movies to take place for it.

— Greg Kinnear

Take the juice of one lime and add it to two cups of diced watermelon, one cup of diced and peeled cucumber, three or four sliced green onions, a couple of tablespoons of fresh cilantro that's been cut very fine, two teaspoons of jalapeno peppers cut up just as fine, or more if you want it hotter, and a teaspoon of sugar. It's the best thing in the world with fresh fried corn tortilla chips,

— Carolyn Brown

When someone you love ... when they die, you want it undone. You'd do anything to have them back, and it's easy to believe that if only this had happened or that had happened, everything would be fine. And that's what makes you angry. What makes you hate. You don't want to believe that sometimes bad things happen just because they do.

— Elizabeth Scott

When you want it the most, there's no easy way out.When you're ready to go, and your heart's left in doubt. Don't give up on your faith, love comes to those who believe it ... And that's the way it is.

— Celine Dion

Love is big; love can hold anger, love can even hold hatred. It's about the intention of what you want it to do.

— Alice Walker

When you get into competition and get under pressure, and get over that ball and are looking at it, and know you have to hit it, it is having that system to depend on to get that ball to where you want it to be.

— Arnold Palmer

Passion is what convinced armies that had no chance to win - it's believing that something can happen. Reality is what you make it to be. And when you're the only one who can see the way the future is going to be, you can be the tool that bends, rips, shapes and paints the future the way you want it to be. That's true passion!

— Garth Brooks

My hair's actually really thin, but I just throw some hairspray into it and make sure it's been a couple days dirty, and then it goes the direction that you want it, literally!

— Lights

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