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You N Me Forever Quotes

Uriel smiled. "Collin, like the others, is wit me because he is not yet prepared to face what comes next. When he is, hell take that step. For now, he is not." "When you say what comes next, what do you mean, exactly?" "The part involving words like forever, eternity, and judgment." "Oh," I said. "What Comes Next.
— Jim Butcher —

You're it for me. I want to be with you forever. I want you to be mine.

— Samantha Towle

Two weeks. Everything you love, own, and cherish, can be gone, liquidated, and lost forever in two weeks. Give or take a day.

— J. Lincoln Fenn

Tatsuya: What you have "right now" won't necessarily continue on until forever ...
Hiro: ... Yeah, I know.

— Ibuki Haneda

Taylor Elizabeth Morris, will you do me the honor of being mine forever?

— Kelly Elliott

You remember how he used to be girl on either arm? You really don't see that guy too much anymore. Why do you think that is? He's waiting for you. I know you're dealing with stuff but you cannot ask him to wait forever! Unless of course, you're okay with him pulling away."
"What if it doesn't work out? What if it ends up like you and Javier?"
"Well at least we gave it a shot. And so it didn't work out, so what? Now, we can move on give or take the occasional booty call."
"I just don't wanna lose what we have, you know?"
"Girl please! What exactly do you have, really?"
"A friendship."
"No. What you and I have is a friendship. What you and castle have is a holding pattern. How long can you circle before the fuel runs out?

— Richard Castle

You can't keep children in the nursery forever. If you do, they never become grown-ups, but they're not really children either. They are just pets.

— Philip Reeve

Don't labor forever over the question of how or if you can do it. Studies have shown that the most successful people make decisions rapidly because they are clear on their values and what they really want for their lives.

— Tony Robbins

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