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You Me And Her Quotes

Listen, I like great actors. You can be a movie star without being a great actor - this has been proved several times - and I like my casts to have great actors. Acting is more important to me than being a star.
— Jose Padilha —

You're made to feel ugly, and I made ugly beautiful. Just by sheer persistence. Nobody has the right to say that I am ugly, and I will not be a professional victim, you know. Sorry!

— John Lydon

Can I resume taking your pants off now?" she asked.
"If I let you, will you wipe that dirty fuckin' look off your face?"
"Babe, I'm gonna need a guarantee or it's a no-go. I can't be fuckin' some bitch who's looking like she'd rather be doin' laundry. Not sure my man-whorin' ego could take a blow like that.

— Madeline Sheehan

If you want to know what cram is, I can only say that I don't know the recipe; but it is biscuitish, keeps good indefinitely, is supposed to be sustaining, and is certainly not entertaining, being in fact very uninteresting except as a chewing exercise.

— J.R.R. Tolkien

You don't make me miserable. You make me want to live. And I want to live with you.

— Krista Ritchie

I'll promise to go easier on drinking and to get to bed earlier, but not for you, fifty thousand dollars, or two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars will I give up women. They're too much fun.

— Babe Ruth

From an actor's point of view, you never really like to hope that anything will go beyond the pilot. I'd always say to my agent every time I filmed a pilot, 'Great! Well, I'll see you at pilot season.'

— Owain Yeoman

Likely as not, the child you can do the least with will do the most to make you proud.

— Mignon McLaughlin

Duane Allman didn't see himself as the bandleader .. he led by example, and you gained a lot of respect from Duane if you earned it, if you proved you could keep up with him. If you couldn't, you'd either end up in awe of him or you might not even like him. He was very different from Jerry Garcia (guitar/leader of the Grateful Dead) who was very easy going. Duane didn't have time to be easy going ... there was much more urgency to his personality

— Richard Betts

Like most parents, I've been stumped by homework, the big questions, such as: 'What is the point of geography - the pilot always knows where we are going?'. Answer: 'If you didn't know any geography, people would think you were an American, and you wouldn't be able to put them right because you wouldn't know where they live.'

— A.A. Gill

If, when you give to someone you think you're better than they are because your practing selfless giving, you're not loving.

— Frederick Lenz

You have the courage to tell the masses what no politician told them: you are inferior and all the improvements in your conditions which you simply take for granted you owe to the effort of men who are better than you. If this be arrogance, as some of your critics observed, it is still the truth that had to said in the age of the Welfare State.

— Ludwig Von Mises

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