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You Just Let Me Go Quotes

Andie: "Why cant you just let me go?" Mack: "I cant let you go because youre mine.
— Elle Casey —

Its easy to make frends if you let pepul laff at you.

— Daniel Keyes

Andie: "Why can't you just let me go?"
Mack: "I can't let you go because you're mine.

— Elle Casey

So long as the man with ambition is a failure, the world will tell him to let go of his ideal; but when his ambition is realized, the world will praise him for the persistence and the determination that he manifested during his dark hours, and everybody will point to his life as an example for coming generations. This is invariably the rule. Therefore pay no attention to what the world says when you are down. Be determined to get up, to reach the highest goal you have in view, and you will.

— Christian D. Larson

Let me tell you, people go on and on about what a great idea electricity was, but I'm going to put toilet paper right next to the wheel and say those are the best ideas anyone's ever had. Scoff at it if you will, but try living for two millennia without it and then we'll talk.

— Kevin Hearne

In the end, the only real love in the world is found when you let yourself  be truly known.

— Nadia Bolz-Weber

My eyes flew open, and I pushed back against rock-hard shoulders. I let out a little squeak of horror.
"It's me," said a familiar voice.
... "Eric, what are you doing here?"

— Charlaine Harris

New Rule: If you can force a woman to look at a sonogram-to see what will happen if she has an abortion-you also have to let her see a crying baby, a bratty five-year-old, and a surly teenager to see what will happen if she doesn't. And you have to tell her it costs $204,000 to raise it until it turns eighteen, in 2028, where it will be a slave to the Chinese, in a radioactive world with no animals, fish, or plants.

— Bill Maher

Check my riddle, and I'll let you play my fiddle.

— Zack Love

I thought that when you have more success that you'd feel more buoyed or feel more confident. But in fact my brain has the gift of switching it around and saying, 'Now people are expecting something. Now you're really going to let people down.'

— Maria Bamford

God is the greatest giver in the universe, He won't let you outgive Him.

— Randy Alcorn

I am more than willing to be judged by the people you claim to represent. I will let them decide what price I should pay. But please do not sit there with that smug look on your face and expect me to regret the decisions I have made. Because, sir, the truth is I don't.

— Jack Bauer

You been forgetting Who's in charge and who ain't. So here's what I'm gone do: I'm gone send a storm so big it rips the roof off the shed where you keep that mule you so proud of. Then I'm gone send hail big as walnuts down on that mule, making it break its leg trying to bust out of there. Then, just so you know for sure it's Me you dealing with, the next morning after you put that mule down and buried it and you up on the ladder trying to nail the roof back onto the shed I'm gone to let that weak top rung, the one you ain't got around to fixing yet, I'm gone let it rot all the way through so you fall off and break your own leg, and I'm gone to send Florence and Lilly Mae to a birthing and the twins out to the far end of the field so you laying there half the day. That'll give you time to think real hard on what I been trying to tell you.

— Hillary Jordan

Don't let anyone define you from what you live through and everything that they think you stand for. Just be proud of who you are.

— Angelique Kidjo

Yes, in baseball when the team stinks, you fire the manager. But you don't fire him because it rains. And you don't let the opposing team choose a new manager for you. And you don't fire him between innings. And replace him with a Viennese weightlifter.

— Bill Maher

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