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You Got Something To Say Quotes

In the barbershop, theres democracy. Youre a professor; youre an engineer; youre a garbage man, have at it. You got something to say, get down with it.
— Michael Eric Dyson —

Don't ever tell anyone where you bought something. If you get a complement say, Thank you. I got it in Europe.

— Lisi Harrison

Well, I know a guy, he's from far far away
He's a songwriter, he got something to say
He says, "People in this city are too busy to hang out
This town's so spread out, no one would hear you if you shout"
Everyone's got a script to sell and someplace else they want to be
There's always a lock that would open if you could just find the key"
(It Ain't Easy Being Green)

— Shannon McNally

Cal: "Yesterday I was stuck in a car with you for eight hours."
Bastard. I didn't even sing along with the radio. Much.
Me: "Yeah. And?"
Cal: "Something happened."
Me: "If you're referring to my driving skills, may I just say I didn't TOUCH that truck. What you felt was just the wind. We were going pretty fast. And there wasn't even a scratch. I checked."
Every Boy's Got One

— Meg Cabot

Because you know how you say I've got to really get down and really do some training and then of course, you never do or you do it for a couple of weeks and slough it back off again but I'm being forced to do something that I really want to do and I loved it.

— David Carradine

It's kind of like a college degree ... when you get one, no one can take it from you. When you get to say for the rest of your life that you've got a platinum album, that really means something.

— Luke Bryan

Reporters called down every other profession-medicine, law, politics-for failing to meet a level of professional responsibility which they would allow no one to enforce on themselves, and which they themselves would too rarely enforce on their own. Do as I say, not as I do was something you couldn't say to a six-year-old, but it had become a ready cant for grown-ups. And if it got any worse, then what?

— Tom Clancy

It's just this sense that you got something to say.

— Jonah

Unless you can point to something that I have done or said that has changed the course of the public opinion in a negative way, you've got to check yourself sometimes and say, "Maybe I don't like the way that this thing is said, but it's expanding tolerance." If I said something that was shutting down something that was positive, call me out, but I don't really see me doing that.

— Lizz Winstead

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