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You Got Game Quotes

If youve got craft, you got game. If you got game, you can write your way in and out of anything. Writing is the best gig in the whole business, as far as Im concerned. Its the only job where you dont have to wait for someone to tell you what to do. You just sit down and make s**t up.
— Robert Mark Kamen —

They want to control humankind through what they call selective breeding. The Nazis started it, but now the nwo are continuing it. See, the only way to control population is to first get it back down to manageable size. They're culling the herd, same way the game commission does when deer population gets out of control. That's why we've got diseases like cancer and aids. You telling me that we can put a little goddamn skateboard-looking robot on Mars and have it send pictures back, but we can't find a cure for cancer? There's a cure. You can bet on that, boys. There's a goddamn cure. They just won't release it because cancer helps cut down the population.

— Brian Keene

On every job you do, you've got to raise your game. My ambition is to just get better and better every job you do - you should never stop trying to get better. You have to teach yourself new things - I don't think you necessarily learn them from other people because you have your own style of doing things, but hopefully you get better.

— Ray Winstone

Yeah, I miss it. You don't just break off a friendship you've had with a sport, and with all those you've met all over the country. We've got some friends, some very close friends, and you just sit back and think how fortunate you were having a career like that. And, actually, there's nothing in the game of baseball that hasn't happened to me.

— Lou Boudreau

After 'Punk'd,' my company Katalyst did a deal with AOL to produce short-form content for the Web. At that time it was a different game. If you got front-page coverage on any popular website, you could probably get a push.

— Ashton Kutcher

Since 1981, I've spent every Thanksgiving Day broadcasting a game, and it is one of my favorite days. You can say, 'Woe is me, I never get to be part of the tradition,' or you can say, 'Heck, we've got our own tradition, and it's pretty good.'

— John Madden

If you wanna compete, you've got to get into the original content game.

— Kevin Spacey

You mean on YouTube?" "No, I mean I was watching the game when you got laid out. Hardest hit I've ever seen. I don't know how you survived it, Amos, I really don't." "Why'd

— David Baldacci

It's going to be an interesting ride, seeing who they become in the next four years.
Interesting for you, she said. You're in the stands, watching the game. I'm down on the field, taking the hits. I'm terrified something will go wrong.
What can go wrong? They're smart, curious, loving kids. They've got everything going for them.

— Kristin Hannah

Any game you play, you got to lose sometime.

— Roy Acuff

My approach to the game has been the same at all the places I've been. Vanilla. The sure way. That means, first of all, to win physically. If you got eleven on a field, and they beat the other eleven physically, they'll win. They will start forcing mistakes. They'll win in the fourth quarter.

— Bear Bryant

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