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You Get Me Quotes

Listen up, cause Im only gonna say this once," Ty muttered as they walked to their gate. "I dont talk when I fly. I sleep. And I dont listen when I eat, understand? I dont wanna be buddies. I dont wanna chat," he said with a sarcastic lilt to the word. "I dont wanna know about your childhood or how your momma whipped you with a rubber glove or how much therapy you had to go through cause you flunked out of preschool. I dont wanna hear about how you want to be Director someday or how many collars you got chasin those Internet freaks or how proud you are of your bowel movements. I dont wanna go shopping at Barneys with you, and Im not gonna help you pick out your ties to match your socks and, I swear to God, if you get me shot, Ill kill you.
— Abigail Roux —

You think I'm pretty
Without any make-up on
You think I'm funny
When I tell the puch line wrong
I know you get me
So I'll let my walls come down, down

— Katy Perry

Hey, bro, do you think you can put Shorty back on her chain?"
I stepped forward with my hands on my hips, only slightly intimidated to find Kaleb almost eye level with me when he was seated and I was standing.
"First of all, no one is the boss of me but me. Secondly, if you ever reference my 'chain' again, I will kick your ass." I jabbed him hard in the chest with my finger. Possibly breaking it. "And thirdly, don't call me Shorty."
Kaleb sat silently for a second, his eyes wide as he looked at Michael. "Where did you get her? Can you get me one?"
I blew out a loud, frustrated sigh and dropped down beside Michael, who didn't even try to hide his smile. "You should probably apologize to Emerson."
"I am sorry." Kaleb grinned at me. "Sorry I didn't meet you first.

— Myra McEntire

You know I've put on, like, fifteen pounds of muscle since I met you? Because you get me worked up and then I can't get off on my own because if feels wrong, and I need to let it out, so I work out. You turn me on, just breathing.

— Jasinda Wilder

Billy, honey, could you get me another drink from the bar? I'm almost done with this one. Kate
pulls on his arm, cutting off what I'm sure would have been a brilliant retort.
Are you feeling the sarcasm?

— Emma Chase

He darted a guilty look toward his dad. "Will you-get me a bottle of spicy?"
My eyes jerked to his.
"Maybe some barbecue sauce?"
I closed my mouth before a bug flew into it. "Sure." I did not believe this. I was pimping ketchup to the son of the FIB's captain.

— Kim Harrison

I mean, after all, you have to consider we're only made out of dust. That's admittedly not much to go on and we shouldn't forget that. But even considering, I mean it's sort of a bad beginning, we're not doing too bad. So I personally have faith that even in this lousy situation we're faced with we can make it. You get me?

— Philip K. Dick

I know it's highly unusual for people to get this excited over books. But if you're a reader, you get me . I don't need movies. I don't need TV. But books I can't live without books. To
me, a book is better than any movie. All I need is a good book, my imagination, and I am set free. I'm in literature heaven. And thank God, this may be the only thing that keeps me sane while we're here.

— Belle Aurora

People are always looking into the dark, Zara. We're afraid of what we might see. It might be the dark
outside, it might be the dark of our own souls, but I figure it's better to get caught looking than to never
know. You get me?

— Carrie Jones

I say Bertie old man I am in love at last. She is the most wonderful girl Bertie old man. This is the real thing at last Bertie. Come here at once and bring Jeeves. Oh I say you know that tobacco shop in Bond Street on the left side as you go up. Will you get me a hundred of their special cigarettes and send them to me here. I have run out. I know when you see her you will think she is the most wonderful girl. Mind you bring Jeeves. Don't forget the cigarettes. - Bingo.

— P.G. Wodehouse

It's just the problem with those things, and what i've learnt is this: they're meant to be a shortcut to the ultimate ... thing, the plane, or whatever you want to say it like, yeah? It's meant to be: here's your thirty quid or whatever, take me to higher consciousness, please. And it don't work that way, bro. You don't get the full benefit. You've got to work your way up that tree, meaning that that is an allegory which is saying: you can't just fly up to the branches. You get me?

— Zadie Smith

I'm not asking you to describe the rain falling the night the archangel arrived; I'm demanding that you get me wet. Make up your mind, Mr. Writer, and for once in your life be the flower that smells rather than the chronicler of the aroma. There's not much pleasure in writing what you live. The challenge is to live what you write.

— Eduardo Galeano

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