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You Get Angry Quotes

Rose to Rachel: You cry you get angry then you do something about it.
— Kim Harrison —

Peter to Austin: Here are the facts, Austin. You've been engaged four times.
You've cheated on every single one of them. You're cruel
sometimes and superficial and spoiled and really fucked up
emotionally. You talk about my being inscrutable, but you treat
nothing as if it matters to you. Something terrible happens? You
make a joke and shrug it off. You feel too much? You get angry
and lash out at me. So no, I'm not in love with you. I'm fighting
it every fucking step! I just wish I could stop it.

— Dani Alexander

For a moment it seemed as if he was going to lose his temper too. His strange, pale eyes all but glared at Sophie. But he controlled himself and said, Now trot along indoors, you overactive old thing, and find something else to play with before I get angry. I hate getting angry.

— Diana Wynne Jones

You get angry, you punch someone in the face. Simple. Direct. Bloody. Fun!

— Rick Riordan

Rose to Rachel:
You cry you get angry then you do something about it.

— Kim Harrison

How cruel-to forbid people to want what they think is good for them. And yet that's just what you won't let them do when you get angry at their misbehavior. They're drawn toward what they think is good for them. -But it's not good for them. Then show them that. Prove it to them. Instead of losing your temper.

— Marcus Aurelius

Does it make you feel better to know that I missed the hell out of you?" Ty whispered, lips moving against Zane's. "And I hope your still just a little angry when get back to my hotel."
Zane let out a shuttering breath, "It'll be more than just a little."
Ty hummed, the sound deep and anticipatory. It was almost a purr. "Promise?

— Abigail Roux

Why do you get angry with the storm? The storm is just going from somewhere to somewhere else, just like you! Everything lives its own life!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

When you listen to G. T. Stoop, you understand the importance of being a honorable person, you get charged to fight for the truth, you get angry that so many politicians are playing games with people's trust.

— Joan Bauer

How could you get angry with Jackie Gleason?

— Maureen O'Hara

Well, all comedy starts with anger. You get angry, and its never for a good reason, right? You know its not a good reason. And then you try and work it from there.

— Jerry Seinfeld

She tried to hurt Fitz!" He turned to Gabriel and Dick. "That'll get her mad. "
Gabriel rolled his eyes. "She's been framed for murder twice over, shot in the back, her arms were set on fire, and her parents are being held hostage. You think tampered dog water is what's going to make her angry?"
"You tried to hurt my dog!" I wheezed as I lurched toward a grinning Missy.
"Oh, big deal, " Missy huffed. "It's the ugliest dog I've ever seen. "
"You tried to hurt my dog, " I said again.
"I would have been doing you a favor. " Missy sneered.
"Nobody. Screws. With. My. Dog. " I growled, punctuating each word with a punch to Missy's face. I gave an upper cut to the chin that sent her flying back into a pile on the ground.
Zeb grinned at Dick and Gabriel. "Told you.

— Molly Harper

I was a little drunk. Not drunk in any positive sense, but just enough to be careless.
"For God's sake," I said, "yes, don't you?"
"Oh, how charmingly you get angry," he said. "I wish I had that faculty.

— Ernest Hemingway

Use your good common sense. Is anger useful? If you get angry at someone, the result is good neither for you nor for the other person. Nothing helpful comes of it. In the end, anger does not harm others; it hurts yourself.

— Dalai Lama XIV

Sure you have feelings and you get emotional and angry but I kept everything inside because I think I still had that thought in my mind - I didn't want to get suspended again

— Bjorn Borg

It's time we stop worrying, and get angry you know? But not angry and pick up a gun, but angry and open our minds.

— Tupac Shakur

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